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If you want to grow your business and maximize your sales, a credit card merchant account is a necessity, not an option for your business! And if you want the lowest rates with the best customer service, your only viable option is

At we strive to make your experience with retail, online and/or credit card processing a positive and efficient one.

Why Should My Company Accept Credit Cards?
  • Less and less consumers carry cash these days in favor of carrying around that all-mighty quick and convenient plastic (aka credit cards). So when they walk into a store that doesn't accept credit cards, guess what they're going to do? They're going to walk right back out again because they have no way to pay. Offering credit card services at your store or business allows more customers the option to buy from you - and we could all use more business!
  • In addition, credit card processing helps control shrinkage since there is no cash on hand to walk off with, and it is less risky to accept credit cards than accept checks.
Why Choose Merchant Services?
  • At we pride ourselves on being the best merchant and online credit card processors around. Since 1995 we have offered the lowest rates on credit card processing, based on interchange pass through rates. That's right, we still offer the same low credit card processing rates that we offered starting in 1995! We have a full-disclosure policy, with zero hidden costs and zero hidden fees.
  • We are the only credit card processor that specializes in merchant profitability - because at, it's the merchant services after the sale that sets us apart. At we strive to be more than just a credit card processor. Our merchants are like a part of our family, so we teach them the best credit card interchange practices to ensure they're receiving optimal rates when accepting electronic payments.
  • * The Savings Averages concerning our competitors are based on Statement Analysis Data collected nationwide by, Inc and Our Affliates. The data is collected and displayed dynamically by our ISO / Agent statement analysis application.

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Savings vs

Appstar Financial     23%
Bank of America     27%
Bluepay     25%
Central Payment     42%
Costco     17%
CTS Holdings, LLC     4%
Cynergy Data     36%
Elavon     15%
Element Payment Services     36%
EMPS     33%
EVO Merchant Services     35%
Federated Payments     22%
First Data     15%
First National Bank     22%
First Niagara Bank     64%
Global Payments     52%
Gravity Payments     31%
Harbortouch     36%
Heartland     16%
HSBC Bank     14%
Intuit Payment Solutions     27%
Key Bank     34%
Key Merchants     41%
Merchant Processing Center     21%
Merchant Services     30%
Merchant Warehouse     37%
Mercury Payment Systems     36%
MSI - Merchant Services     36%
North American Bancard     26%
NPC     27%
NW Bancard Solutions     14%
PayPal     53%
Priority Payment Systems     25%
RBS WorldPay     22%
Regions Bank     43%
Retriever     30%
Sage Payment Solutions     20%
Sovereign Bank     31%
TransFirst     32%
Wells Fargo Bank     16%
Woodforest National Bank     34%
WorldPay     49%
Zenith Merchant Services     38%