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We Offer the Most Competitive Rates and Fees in the Industry

Our Company offers the most competitive program in the industry today Interchange Pass Through. Our program provides the lowest overall cost of service, by passing through the direct cost for Interchange Fees and Assessments with a small markup in order to provide your business with the most reliable service and support.

It is important to understand that comparing quotes from one merchant service provider to the next can be very difficult. Rates will vary depending on the pricing method, type of card, the manner in which the card is processed and your adherence to qualifying criteria associated with the sale.

Interchange Pass Through (IPT)

As a business owner you have enough to do without having to figure out how Credit Card Interchange works. The good news is it's not that complicated. Interchange consists of different percentage and transaction fees that an Issuing Bank (Cardholder's Bank) charges an Acquiring Bank (Merchant's Bank) to process one of their cardholder's credit cards. There are hundreds of different interchange fees, what is important is to understand that interchange is essentially the wholesale rate that banks charge each other in order to process a credit card transaction. In order to pay the lowest fees when processing credit cards, a merchant's goal is to pay as close to interchange as possible.

Rate Comparison based on 0.25% over Interchange

Tiered Example Rates:

  • Visa Regulated Check Card
    Example: 1.69%
  • Visa Rewards 1 Card
    Example: 2.69%
  • Visa Commercial Card Retail
    Example: 3.19%

I.P.T. Example Rates:

  • Interchange Cost 0.16% with Assessments
    Our Rate: 0.41%
  • Interchange Cost 1.76% with Assessments
    Our Rate: 2.01%
  • Interchange Cost 2.56% with Assessments
    Our Rate: 2.76%
Services Competition Us
Merchant Account
Application Fee
$95 - $250 Free
Setup Fee Non-Refundable Free
PCI Compliance Fee $120 - $199 Annual Fee $10 per month
Representative NO Dedicated Account Manager
Equipment Programming
and Shipping
Handled by Third Parties 24 - 48 Hrs
Average Approval Time 2 - 4 days 1 - 2 days
Technical Support Hours 9am-5pm Monday-Friday 24 x 7 x 365
Retail Discount Rate
(Face-to-Face Sales)
1.69% 0.25% IPT*
Internet/Mail/Phone Order
Discount Rate
2.75% 0.35% IPT*
Transaction Fee $.25 - $.35 cents per trans $.10 - $.15 cents per trans
Statement Fees $10 - $20 per month $10 per month
Supporting Bank ??? Wells Fargo Bank

Rates based on April 2016 Visa® Interchange Reimbursement Fees and Assessments

Beware of Tiered Pricing Programs

Most merchant account providers quote a "rate as low as" rate, this rate is generally what they call their Qualified Rate. Most tiered merchant accounts have a base rate plus two additional tiers that carry a surcharge when the type of card or acceptance method does not fall into the qualified tier. In this type of pricing method you are almost always paying well above the interchange cost for all surcharged transactions. Interchange Pass Through Programs only have one discount rate that you pay above the True Cost to accept a card.

3-Tier Merchant Rate Structure:

  • Qualified Discount Rate (Base Rate)
    Example: 1.69%
  • Mid Qualified Surcharge (Qualified Rate + Mid Qualified Surcharge)
    Example: 1.69% + 1% = 2.69%
  • Non Qualified Surcharge (Qualified Rate + Non Qualified Surcharge)
    Example: 1.69% + 1.5% = 3.19%

4-Tier Merchant Rate Structure:

  • Debit Discount Rate (Check Cards Only)
    Example: 1.29%
  • Qualified Discount Rate (Qualified Rate)
    Example: 1.69%
  • Mid Qualified Surcharge (Qualified Rate + Mid Qualified Surcharge)
    Example: 1.69% + 1% = 2.69%
  • Non Qualified Surcharge (Qualified Rate + Non Qualified Surcharge)
    Example: 1.69% + 1.5% = 3.19%

* The Savings Averages concerning our competitors are based on Statement Analysis Data collected nationwide by, Inc and Our Affliates. The data is collected and displayed dynamically by our ISO / Agent statement analysis application.

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Savings vs

Appstar Financial     23%
Bank of America     27%
Bluepay     25%
Central Payment     42%
Costco     17%
CTS Holdings, LLC     4%
Cynergy Data     36%
Elavon     15%
Element Payment Services     36%
EMPS     33%
EVO Merchant Services     35%
Federated Payments     22%
First Data     15%
First National Bank     22%
First Niagara Bank     64%
Global Payments     52%
Gravity Payments     31%
Harbortouch     36%
Heartland     16%
HSBC Bank     14%
Intuit Payment Solutions     27%
Key Bank     34%
Key Merchants     41%
Merchant Processing Center     21%
Merchant Services     30%
Merchant Warehouse     37%
Mercury Payment Systems     36%
MSI - Merchant Services     36%
North American Bancard     26%
NPC     27%
NW Bancard Solutions     14%
PayPal     53%
Priority Payment Systems     25%
RBS WorldPay     22%
Regions Bank     43%
Retriever     30%
Sage Payment Solutions     20%
Sovereign Bank     31%
TransFirst     32%
Wells Fargo Bank     16%
Woodforest National Bank     34%
WorldPay     49%
Zenith Merchant Services     38%